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Lasting Media was founded in early 2018 and is a Nashville based podcasting company creating high quality audio stories in a variety of forms and across a range of genres. Our shows have been downloaded by millions of listeners from nearly 150 countries worldwide. We make it our mission to create shows that inspire, fulfill and enrich people’s lives with content that informs, educates and entertains.

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Have you listened to The Blue Collar Bourbon Show yet? Grab a glass and have a listen, cheers! 🥃
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Meet Ben, Editor and Producer at Lasting Media. Aside from goofing off with his co-producer Jonas, Ben spends his days meticulously preparing episodes for shows such as @baddecisionspodcast with @thekatieduke and @considerthispod . Outside of work, Ben loves board games, punk rock, and drinking snobby craft beers. Remember: when in doubt, pinky out!

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Meet Jason.⠀
Executive producer and co-founder of Lasting Media Group.⠀
In addition to co-founding Lasting, Jason also brings with him years of producing, marketing, and digital advertising experience.⠀
When not working on shows, Jason is a self professed “podcast geek”; consuming several hours worth of shows per week. He’s currently subscribed to 73 podcasts.⠀
Friends and co-workers of Jason will tell you about his affinity for wearing black clothing year round. He hasn’t worn another color other than black for at least 5 years. His reasoning? “One less decision to make in the morning”, is typically his response when someone inquires. So until they come up with a darker color, hat’s off to the man in black!
In the studio discussing more murderous content for our @knockknockpod Podcast #truecrime #podcast
Meet John. One of the co-founders of Lasting Media. Aside from being one of the hosts on the @bluecollarbourbon show, he oversees day-to-day operations as well as fills the role of executive producer for many of the Lasting Media podcasts.
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WELCOME to Consider This: A micropodcast of considerable proportions. Check out season 1 of our podcast at the link in our bio or anywere you listen to podcasts! 

season 2 coming soon!!!
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