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Blue Collar Bourbon

Episode 23: The Most Expensive Episode Ever

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Jack Daniels Tennessee Taster High Angels Share

J.D. – BUY 💰
D.Rock – BUY💰
J.P. – BUY 💰
Selected by assistant master distiller and master taster Chris Fletcher, this whiskey was barreled in January 2013. The barrels had a high angels’ share, meaning that much of the volume of the liquid evaporated during the maturation process.

Classification: Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Distillery: Jack Daniels

Released: Limited edition of 24,000 bottles, for sale mainly at the distillery

Proof: 107

Age: 5 Years

Mashbill: Undisclosed

MSRP: $45

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Tin Cup 10 Year

J.D. – TRY 👍🏻
D.Rock – TRY 👍🏻
J.P. – TRY 👍🏻
Only a few climb the mountain. Fewer still have the will to stay. Introducing TINCUP® 10, a newly-released expression that marries the bold, pure, untamed flavor of TINCUP® with a full decade of oak barrel aging.
Mashbill is 2/3 corn, 1/3 rye, and a small amount of malted barley. It is aged in white American oak barrels with a number three char for a minimum of 10 years before it is cut to proof with Rocky Mountain spring water.

Classification: American Whiskey

Distillery: MGP Distillery

Released: Ongoing

Proof: 84

Age: 10 Years

Mashbill: 2/3 corn, 1/3 rye, and a small amount of malted barley

MSRP: $55

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